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Daughter defends GP's illegal adoptions

By Cormac Quinn

Belfast Telegraph, Monday, 7 January 2013

The daughter of a GP in the Republic who arranged illegal adoptions has said she doesn't know how many children were given to prospective parents by her mother — but described her as a “heroine” for her actions.

Marie McDermott said she was away in university while the late Co Monaghan doctor Irene Creedon helped parents adopt the |children, registered as being born in her Carrickmacross surgery.

She says she is “so upset” that Dr Creedon — who died 10 years ago — is now being remembered for the controversial adoptions.

Ms McDermott was commenting after one of the children spoke out about her illegal adoption, and how it had made it almost |impossible for her to find out who her birth parents are.

Margaret Norton (40) told how her adoptive parents collected her from the car park of a Co Louth hotel three days after she was born in 1972.

The only clue as to where her parents were from was that her birth was registered at Dr |Creedon's Carrickmacross office.

Ms Norton said that since |starting her campaign to find her birth parents, five other people have contacted her to say they suspect Dr Creedon arranged their adoptions without the knowledge of the proper authorities.

The GP's daughter confirmed she was aware her mother had arranged unofficial |adoptions. Asked if she knew how many took place, she said: “I haven't a clue. I was away at university, I was away married in England.”

She said she stood by comments describing her mother “a heroine” and added: “Lots of girls had babies who were hidden or given away back then.

“It was very sad and people were ashamed. Mammy helped a lot of those people.”

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