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The gran of Madonna’s adopted daughter has threatened suicide unless the child is returned to Africa

Daily Star, 2nd November 2010
By Nigel Pauley

THE gran of Madonna’s adopted daughter has threatened to kill herself unless the child is returned to Africa.

Mercy, now four, joined the 52-year-old superstar’s family after a lengthy legal battle.

But her relatives are angry they have not seen Mercy for two years, even though Madonna has visited Malawi twice with her.

Now the youngster’s grandmother, Lucy Chekechiwa, who is in her 60s, has threatened to commit suicide unless the girl is returned.

The family initially rejected Madonna’s attempts to adopt but relented under pressure from the orphanage where Mercy was living.

Lucy, who looked after the youngster after the death of her teenage mother, said she had not been allowed to see her grand-daughter as promised.

She explained: “After the death of my daughter, Mwandida, Mercy is the only daughter that I have.

 “When these people came to adopt her I was against it but they insisted it was an opportunity for her to get a good education. Little did I know I would never see her again.”

Madonna has two children, Lourdes, 13, and Rocco, 10, plus adopted David, five, and Mercy.

Her camp declined to comment.

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