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Silence is deafening over babies scandal

Irish Examiner Letters, Tuesday, October 11, 2011

THE revelations on the Prime Time programme on RTÉ last week concerning the testing of multiple vaccinations on babies in mother and child homes in the 50s and 60s were shocking to the core.

Towards the end of the programme it was also revealed that over 400 babies who died were dissected in Irish universities without the consent of birth parents.

A feeling of nausea welled up within me as I thought I had heard it all after the publication of various reports concerning the outrageous abuse of children over the last twenty years.

In my innocence I expected all national newspapers to follow up on this disgusting catastrophe.

The Irish Examiner were the exception — you gave it front page prominence.

In my opinion, Irish society, reflected by the lack of coverage by the print media, is not overly upset by what went on little over 40 years ago.

People of Ireland — the silence is deafening.

Jim Jackman
Dublin 15

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