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Child traffic ring lawyer was jailed in similar case

By Conall Ó Fátharta

Monday, February 20, 2012

The lawyer linked to an alleged child trafficking ring in Mexico, which saw 11 Irish couples questioned, was jailed more than 20 years ago on suspicion of the same crime.

CNN Mexico reported Carlos Lopez Valenzuela was remanded in jail in 1990, after being arrested with a nurse and two other women in a hospital in Guadalajara for allegedly trying to buy children from two mothers preparing to go into labour.

According to the report, Mr Lopez was detained at the hospital before being remanded in custody. A staff member at the hospital is believed to have reported the lawyer and the three women to the police after becoming suspicious. Mr Lopez was remanded to a jail near the state capital Jalisco but it is unclear if he was convicted of any crime.

The 11 Irish couples were questioned in Mexico last month in relation to the latest apparent child-selling racket being linked to Mr Lopez.

Authorities have arrested four Mexican women and two men, and rescued 10 children in relation to the investigation.

Prosecutors believe the mothers, who were destitute and some of whom were illiterate, were duped into handing over their children for what they believed was an anti-abortion campaign advertised in the local press.

Prosecutors are hoping to arrest the lawyer shortly.

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