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Same old shameful story of lies, cover-ups and denials

Irish Examiner Letters, Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I JUST would like to say thank you to Tressa Reeves for having the courage to tell her story (April 19) to the nation in your special investigation.

I cannot for one minute begin to understand what she went through since she gave birth to her son.

The feeling of helplessness must be overwhelming. I am adopted and trying to trace my natural parents so I know, personally, the red tape, the secrecy and the lack of co-operation that we encounter when dealing with the state and the church.

To know a file with all the information that she needs to find her son is just sitting there in some filing cabinet is hard to bear. I would just like to say that the people who "adopted" Andre should be very ashamed of themselves.

Their greed and selfishness at wanting a child at whatever cost and by whatever means fed into this illegal practice that continued in Ireland for decades.

Did they ever think of his natural mother and the fact that she would probably never know her son or have any way of finding out about him. Or if their "son" ever found out the truth what would it do to him?

We have the same old problems, lies, cover-ups and denials at the hands of the state and the church. When will we get an independent inquiry into what happened in this country?

Or are the powers that be too afraid of the fallout of what they created and allowed continue.

Grainne Mason

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