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Questioning of couples in adoption case ‘disturbing’

By Conall Ó Fátharta, Irish Examiner Saturday, January 21, 2012

CHILDREN’S Minister Frances Fitzgerald has said the questioning of 11 Irish couples in relation to an adoption racket in Mexico is a "very disturbing situation".

Ms Fitzgerald said she did not wish to comment on individual cases, but acknowledged it was "a very disturbing situation for everybody".

"What you can’t have in Mexico is people going to local agencies or individuals doing private adoptions because when they come back, there is going to be a difficulty as it’s not the way to do it. Mexico’s rule is that you do it through their central authority," she said.

Carlos Lopez, the lawyer at the centre of the investigation, has denied wrongdoing and said he has helped 60 Irish couples adopt legally from Mexico since 2004.

Ms Fitzgerald stressed that it is no longer legal to adopt through private arrangements in Mexico and that couples should always follow the advice of the Adoption Authority.

"You could end up that would come back to Ireland and you would not be able to have the child registered. You mightn’t be able to get the kind of declarations that you need to bring the baby back into the country."

The Irish couples are being questioned in relation to a child trafficking ring.

Authorities have arrested six Mexicans, and seized nine children between the ages of two months and two years, in relation to the investigation.

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