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Nancy meets her mum (92) for first time

By Geraldine Gittens
Evening Herald, Wednesday July 06 2011

A 77-year-old Dublin woman who had been searching for her birth mother for 25 years has finally been reunited with her in Australia.

Nancy Hayden, from Ballinteer, was born to a 15-year-old girl on November 11, 1934, but was immediately separated from her and sent to a children's home -- St Patrick's Guild in Blackrock.

She was never given a birth certificate -- only her baptismal certificate with the name Doris English. Then, 25 years ago, she began an exhaustive search to find out her real name, and to meet her birth mother again.

Nancy's life changed last January when her son Declan received an email from New Zealand saying May Kenyon, now 92, was longing to meet her long lost daughter -- and a DNA test proved that May and Nancy (Doris, her birth name) were mother and daughter.

Both May and Nancy had the same last wish -- to find each other and be reunited. And in March, Nancy flew over to see her mother.

"All my family put the money together for me to go over there, and my mother and my new sisters welcomed me with open arms in Perth for three weeks. It was overwhelming, we hugged each other and my mother had a lovely big bouquet of flowers for me when I met her."


- Geraldine Gittens

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