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Sensitivity needed in adoption contact

Irish Times Letters, 4th April 2011

A chara, – As an adopted adult I recently received a shoddily- written HSE letter from the agency that arranged my adoption informing me that contact had been made by “someone I may have known in the past”. It strikes me as bizarre and disrespectful to refer to my birth mother as someone I may have known. The letter went on to say that this individual would love to hear news on how I am now. It upset me that a similar letter was not sent to my parents advising them of this considerable development as they are the people who have raised and loved me as their own child. It felt as though they had been airbrushed from the picture.
The English in the letter was atrocious and it lacked empathy for all involved in this sensitive situation. – Is mise,

Castle Avenue,
Dublin 3.

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