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Medical Council Condemns Baby Factory Clinics

Nigerian Observer, 26-02-11

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) has condemned as unethical, the practice by some medical doctors who use young girls as baby factories to produce babies for sale. The Registrar of MDCN, Dr Abdulmumuni Ibrahim made the condemnation at a lecture he delivered on Continuous Medical Education (CME), entitled: “the Ethical Regulations of the Medical Practice”, recently in Abuja.

“In recent time, there has emerged a practice where some doctors admit young women to become pregnant out of wedlock in order to trade their babies for money.

“Beside the illegal adoption without regard to the adoption law of the state, it amounts to a crime of human trafficking,” he said.

Ibrahim advised doctors to resist such unethical practices including the pressure to make money at the expense of patients, and not to submit to political pressure to compromise on ethical justice.

He also advised doctors against using their hospital as a safe house for criminals.

“The ethics talks about the medical practice in general which involves the practitioner and the patient,’’ Ibrahim stated,

Ibrahim who was represented by Dr Nnmeka Wakama, the Assistant Registrar, said that doctors should acknowledge the right of patients to determine what might be done with their body.

“It is within the rights of a sane person to refuse life-saving treatment like surgery or a blood transfusion,’’ he said.

The registrar stated that doctors had an ethical responsibility to meet with patients before diagnosing drugs, and should keep in confidence, patients’ disclosures.

Also speaking, Dr Peter Alabi, the Chief Medical Director, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, advised doctors to regard their profession as a calling and not a profit making venture.

He explained that many doctors did not take the effort to learn new things and as a result, junior doctors are starting to lose respect for the senior colleagues.

Alabi added that “there are too many things that we do that are not right; we should speak out about these things because we are gradually and steadily losing relevance in the society”

He said that the Federal Government would no longer build power plants while the distribution of power would also be privatised.

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