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Unwanted Adopted Boy Sent Back To Russia

Sky News Friday, April 9 03:27 pm

Young Artem Savelyev arrived at Moscow airport with the typed note from his adoptive mother which said he was being abandoned after only six months in her care.

Torry-Ann Hansen had admitted to having made a mistake and suggested the boy should be re-housed.

"I no longer wish to parent this child," the unmarried 27-year-old nurse from Tennessee wrote, requesting his adoption be annulled.

She accused the boy's Siberian orphanage of misleading her about Artem's behavioural problems.

Hansen had placed sweets, biscuits and colouring pens in the child's rucksack before checking him onto the 10-hour flight as an unaccompanied minor, reportedly telling him he was going on an "excursion" to Moscow.

Russia media has reacted with horror to the case and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov called for all adoptions of the country's children by US citizens to be frozen.

He said the suspension must be upheld until Russia and the US conclude an agreement on terms "specifying responsibilities" by the host family.

Artem is an only-child, whose only known relative - his birth mother - was relieved of her motherhood rights in 2008.

He was picked up at the airport on Thursday by a Russian man who took him to the city's education ministry, where the youngster was left.

The man told officials he had been offered $200 (approximately 130) over the internet by Hansen to perform the service.

Artem has since been taken to hospital, where an examination revealed no signs of violent treatment.

But he reportedly told officials he was sometimes "dragged by his hair" by Hansen.

The boy will be kept in for a week before being transferred to an orphanage, either at the foreign ministry or in his home town in the far eastern Primoriye region.

The regional court had sanctioned his adoption in autumn 2009, a year after he was separated from his birth mother.

Coincidentally, the story of his abandonment came on a day American-Russian relations were strengthened in Prague.

US President Barack Obama and Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev put their signatures on a historic nuclear arms reduction treaty.

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