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28th March 2011 
Adoption is for children, not adults

ALTHOUGH Bulgaria has signed the Hague Convention for the Protection of Children in Intercountry Adoption (Irish Examiner, March 25) and therefore Irish couples are within their rights under Irish law to seek adoptions from there, we fear that in the effort to find "available" children to adopt, that the principles of Hague are often forgotten about.

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23rd April 2011
Playing politics with adopted children's rights
DAVID QUINN's concern for the welfare of adopted children and those conceived via sperm and egg donation is touching (Irish Independent, April 8, 2011).  However, we must strenuously object to the issue of adopted people's rights being hijacked for the purpose of illustrating Mr Quinn's argument against gay marriage. Children who are in need of homes are not concerned with labels like marriage or civil partnership; rather, these children are looking for security and that security must not come at the price of losing your identity or access to family, culture and heritage.

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16th March 2011 
Most adopted people here face monumental brick wall
Mary Kenny's opinion piece portrays only one side of Ireland's closed secret adoption system.  We agree with Ms Kenny that Joan Burton is an inspirational person, and are proud to see an adopted person in Cabinet. However, we must vehemently disagree that her case is 'a shining example of good practice' in adoption.

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4th November 2010 
Adoption Options

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to read Mari Steed's excellent response to a letter to the Irish Times from a priest seeking to promote adoption as an alternative to abortion.

30th November 2009
Adoption abroad must be checked

We are not at all surprised to see the subject of inter-country adoption embroiled yet again in controversy. The Unicef report into adoptions from Vietnam (Irish Independent, November 24) is to be welcomed and it has not come soon enough. We concur with the report's recommendation that all countries should ratify the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption and we have called on the Government to dissolve all bilateral agreements with countries that have not signed up to the convention. 

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18th May 2009
Waiting for adoptions
I refer to the letters written by prospective adoptive parents (May 14th) in relation to the delays concerning Vietnamese adoptions.  I completely understand from the point of view of a prospective adoptive parent that waiting for a child must be agonising, but surely it is better to wait a little longer in order to ensure that an adoption is ethical?
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15th March 2009
Letter from Claire McGettrick to the Sunday Times
I wish to correct an error in Mark Tighe’s Sunday Times (Irish Edition) article dated March 7th 2009 concerning Vietnamese adoptions, in which he referred to “The Hague convention on child abduction”. The convention’s proper title is in fact “The Hague Convention for the Protection of Children in Intercountry Adoption”.
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15th February 2009
The Real Case of Tristan Dowse (Newspaper heading: Poor Adoption Law)
As one of the people involved in bringing Tristan Dowse’s case to the attention of the media, I read Ciara Dwyer’s piece entitled “The curious case of Tristan Dowse” in the Sunday Independent of 8th February 2009 with mixed emotions because, while I was happy to read that Tristan has adjusted well, I couldn’t help but feel sad that his case was being labelled as a “curiosity”.
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28th January 2009
Adopted Irish people still getting raw deal
THE Adoption Bill 2009 ratifying the Hague Convention for the Protection of Children in Intercountry Adoption will go a long way towards ensuring that such adoptions in Ireland are ethical and above board. As an adopted person I am naturally happy to see the introduction of any measures that will protect the most important person in an adoption — the child.
However, the Hague convention only concerns itself with foreign adoptions and there are thousands of adopted Irish people whose rights have yet to be enshrined in legislation.
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“In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage, to know who we are and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning . . . and the most disquieting loneliness." 

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