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St. Patrick's Guild and Temple Hill
St. Patrick's Guild was founded in 1910 by Mary Cruice who originally wanted to provide a Catholic alternative to Protestant run fostering services in Dublin.  Later however the Guild linked up with the Sisters of Charity and became an adoption society at the command of Archbishop John Charles McQuaid.  

St. Patrick's Guild did not run a mother and baby home.  Instead babies were sent to St. Patrick's Infant Hospital, Temple Hill before being adopted.   Mothers were not present at Temple Hill and St. Patrick's Guild have been very uncooperative in providing information about what conditions were like in the hospital, though we have a scanned copy of the feeding/vaccination records kept which was donated by an adopted person.  There were also babies in Temple Hill who were adopted through agencies other than St. Patrick's Guild.

St. Patrick's Guild was involved in the secret export of 572 children to the US for adoption from the 1940's to the 1970's, which was more than any other adoption agency.

Temple Hill closed in the 1980's and though St. Patrick's Guild no longer arranges adoptions, it is still operational for search queries. 

Unfortunately we do not possess further information about St. Patrick's Guild and Temple Hill.  Please contact us at heritage@adoptionrightsalliance.com if you have further  information that may help.

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Temple Hill

Temple Hill nursery

Photo of John the Baptist Church where most babies from Temple Hill were baptised


Above is an example of a daily record sheet from Temple Hill (two pages). Note the emphasis on whether the child was baptised or not. Yet, despite this concern for the child's spiritual welfare, St. Patrick's Guild has refused to answer questions about those who sponsored adopted people.

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Please note we have gathered the information from survivor accounts and what little records are available to the public.  Until the religious run agencies open their records it will not be possible to compile a full history of past adoption practice in Ireland.  If you have any corrections, contact us at  heritage@adoptionrightsalliance.com 

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