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St. Rita's Nursing Home

St. Rita's was a private nursing home at 68 Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin, which was opened in 1947 by midwife Mary Keating.  


While some married women gave birth at St. Rita's, there were also quite a number of non-marital birth, which often resulted in illegal adoptions.  In fact, in January 1965, Mary Keating was convicted of forging the official birth register - ie falsely registering adopted babies as the natural children of their adoptive parents.


Incredibly, despite this conviction, Mary Keating never lost her licence and continued her (very profitable) business well into the 1970's.


According to Mike Millotte's Banished Babies, infants were secretly exported from St. Rita's to the US for adoption, however no figures are available as many of the adoptions were illegal and involved false birth registrations.


Records for St. Rita's are held at:

St. Louise Adoption Society
1st Floor, Park House
North Circular Road
Dublin 7
Tel: 01 - 8387122

68 Sandford Road as it looks today on Google Earth.

At present we have no other photos of St. Rita's.  Please contact us at heritage@adoptionrightsalliance.com if you have further information that may help or any photos you would like to donate.

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Please note we have gathered the information from survivor accounts and what little records are available to the public.  Until the religious run agencies open their records it will not be possible to compile a full history of past adoption practice in Ireland.  If you have any corrections, contact us at  heritage@adoptionrightsalliance.com 

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